Nymph and Sprinkles Cake Newb Meets Cake Pro
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Nymph found MessyHot on Instagram and was so enamored with my work that she decided to drive all of the way across the country from South Carolina to Arizona for the opportunity to shoot. As it happened, Sprinkles was gonna be in town from Portland and we decide to make it a two lady cake extravaganza and hi sis a super long one! The scene opens with the normal introductions, and the ladies strip out of their overalls but decided they'd start their cake sitting at the same time while still wearing their panties and stockings. After they've made messes of their panties, they shed them and still in socks and fishnets get around to some more mess making, sitting in the cake and smearing frosting on one another. Nymph opts to paint her arms with white frosting, while sprinkles applies war paint to her face.

Being her firs time, Nymph is super intrigued with all of the textures, and sprinkles is obviously intrigued by the beautiful lady I paired her with. Using corn syrup to make things more sticky, they spread the love with sprinkles on sprinkles, and then get into the whipped cream. Sprinkles seemed super excited to get to apply some corn syrup to Nymph's adorable mini-bush. Nymph gets her extra bit of fun when she spanks a pile of whipped cream off her partners butt which we get to see explode in slow motion. It's so adorable that as she has more fun and relaxes into the role, Nymph lets her slight southern accent flow a bit more.

For the feet lovers, we did some fruit stepping as they stepped on and spread around pie filling and left over cake and frosting, squishing it between their toes and getting extra sticky. To continue with the sticky sensation play, the ladies take turns getting on all fours and pouring corn syrup between each other's cheeks and letting it roll down. A quick game of chubby bunny comes up and it becomes apparent that Nymph may be the only one to potentially give Audra a run for her money.

The next part is for those into panty filling. They put their panties back on, still all sticky, and fill them with all kinds of sticky goodness, and then give one another some pretty mighty wedgies. In further fan service, our ladies decide to appeal the folks who want more hair destruction and exchange frosting and whipped cream shampoo treatments. Having run most of the messyhot gambit, Nymph and Sprinkles each pie he other in the face and then climb on top of one another for some slip and slide action. We wrap in traditional MessyHot style by having me throw cupcakes at their asses for some target practice and then deliver the condensed milk facial!
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